Thymox-based hoof bath Cattle susceptible to interdigital dermatitis taking a Thymox-based hoofbath.

A testimonial from Africa which describes their satisfaction with our Thymox disinfectant.

Thymox was used in footbaths for cattle susceptible to interdigital dermatitis

Farmers in Gabon, Africa, have recently added Thymox disinfectant in their hoof bath protocol as a preventive measure against interdigital dermatitis. Since then, they are happy to announce that no case of hoof infection has been reported. Thymox was also used for the farms’ cleaning and disinfection.

Hoof Bath Testimonial

The Ranch Nyanga (Gabon, Africa), a beef cattle farmnyanga-ranch-gabon-300x225p


  • 100 000 hectares
  • 9 care centers
  • 130 employees, including 80 in the farm
  • 5000 heads presently, objective of
    25 000 heads
  • Project of large hog house

Use of Thymox in the farm

  • Thymox is in trial in 2 care centers. The first trial began in December 2013 and the second trial in May 2014. In those care centers, Thymox was mainly used in hoof baths as a preventive treatment against interdigital dermatitis. Since its use, no case of hoof infection has been observed ;
  • Thymox is used at the stable for the cleaning and disinfection of the boxes and annexes ;
  • Thymox is also used at the sheepfold for the cleaning and disinfection of the areas ;
  • At the slaughterhouse, Thymox was used for cleaning and disinfection of the building, the gutters, the containers (negative cold and positive), slaughtering tools (knives, saws, …) and also for cleaning the Equipment of Individual Protection (EIP) ;
  • Refrigerated trucks for the delivery of meat are also cleaned and disinfected with Thymox ;
  • Finally, the water supply system and the water tower have been cleaned and disinfected with Thymox.

Product satisfaction

No case of hoof infection since using Thymox

  • The execution of the dilution is simple.
  • Pleasant and non-aggressive scent.
  • Concentrated product, which allows itstransportation in lesser quantities and to dilute it at the place of use.
  • No case of hoof infection since its use.
  • Respect of the company’s commitments concerning the minimization of our activities’ impact on the environment, and respectful of the worker’s health and security (occupational diseases, accidents, splashings, …).
  • Polyvalent product usable in all our services, which makes logistic and orders easier.
  • Biodegradable in the environment, as our care centers are near water streams used for daily activities (laundry, dishwashing, bathing, …).
  • Replaces a dangerous product : Formalin.
  • Usable with diverse machines: Karcher, Knapsack sprayers, …etc.
  • Usable in hot or cold conditions.


The origin of the product (Canada) and its use by its veterinarians has allowed the user to defend the product and to renew his order.

We discovered the product via a professional network of Canadian veterinarians.

The reactivity of the people of Laboratoire M2 and the scientifically established information brought a real satisfaction and demonstrated real reliability.