Natural Disinfectant Cleaner Products Manufacturer

Natural Disinfectant Available for Worldwide Distribution

Who are we? A disinfectant manufacturer supported by a state of the art Level 2 microbiology laboratory.

What we do? We manufacture Thymox Technology which acts both as a disinfectant and disinfectant cleaner.

Our disinfectants’ markets

Proven efficacy to help prevent digital dermatitis

foot bath for cattle

Hoof baths are commonly used to help prevent hoof diseases such as digital dermatitis. Several chemicals used as hoof bath solutions are hazardous to the environment.THYMOX is the best alternative to chemicals. Learn more »

Natural Disinfectant Cleaner Formulation

disinfectant technology

Thanks to our Level 2 microbiology laboratory, we use our Thymox Technology to develop disinfectants which combines the characteristics of a Green Solution and Clean Advantage. Learn more »

Private Label Disinfectant Cleaner Products

Private label cleaning products

Laboratoire M2 offers green and effective private label disinfectant cleaning products which can be used in a wide range of field such as household chores, healthcare, farms and much more. View our list of Products

THYMOX as a Biodegradable Farm Disinfectant

Biogradable Farm Disinfectant

Thanks to its Thymox Technology, Laboratoire M2 manufactured an agricultural disinfectant perfect for Canadian farm owners. Our Biodegradable Farm Disinfectant is both non-toxic and safer for animals, humans and the environment. This revolutionary product allows Canadian Farm owners to clean their barns without having to worry about side effects. Learn more »