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Farm Disinfection

//Farm Disinfection

Wide spectrum of activity agricultural disinfectant for poultry, swine and other production animals.

Manufactured from THYMOX TECHNOLOGY, the green agricultural disinfectant THYMOX AG is designed to address concerns about food security and traceability while providing peace of mind to farm owners. It is non-toxic and saferfor humans, animals and the environment As the first biodegradable disinfectant for livestock farms in Canada, THYMOX AG stands out thanks to its innovative nature. It is an ultra-high-performance disinfectant containing thyme and essential oil-based active natural ingredients.

Think about it: Cleaning your barn without having to worry about your health, your employees’ health AND your animals’ health. By respecting the recommended dilution rate, our disinfectant cleaner has no negative side effects on anyone or anything. Also note that our THYMOX AG product is fully biodegradable in less than 2 weeks and certified UL EcoLogo.

pig in a barn

Swine and Poultry:
surface disinfection of
buildings and tools


Agriculture Video


Chickworks Inc. Farms

walters_barn_new-300x224Hannon, Ontario
Verena Walter-Hengemuhle and Greg Walter are running a broiler farm for over 15 years : 52 000 broilers (1.85 kg) 5 cycles per year.

Observed benefits, as seen by the Walters:

Greg Walter, Ontario chicken producer

“No negative effects have been observed in bird behavior or performance.”

“The toxic factor was always a concern with other disinfectants”

Using Thymox now means, “no worries for ourselves, kids or other animals”

“I no longer have the worry of becoming ill after disinfecting my barns, that’s a good feeling.”


  • Non-corrosive : saves replacing heaters, door locks & other metal parts within barn that aren’t galvanized or high grade steel
  • Non-toxic : safer handling, spraying barn no longer requires full respiratory mask, just regular safety goggles and gloves
  • Pleasant aroma: “We’ve even used Thymox in our house cleaning the basement and floors.” – Greg
  • Biodegradable

Suggestions to other producers?

“Just try Thymox once and be the judge yourself.”

Visit Chickworks Inc Farms Website

Watch Chicken Bio-security video featuring Chickworks Inc Farm.

Brochure & technical Sheet

  • Thymox Surface Disinfectant Technical Sheet

Thymox Surface Disinfectant Technical Sheet

Click here to visualize or to download this PDF file: THYMOX-GENERAL-AG-Tech-Sheet-2012-09-19

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Brochure & technical Sheet

Where to buy

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Ask you local dealer or contact us :

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AgroResearch International LLC is located in Florida USA and distribute their product containing THYMOX AG in Colombia and other Central and South America countries.

Agro Research International LLC
Marc Lajeunesse
300 Morin Street
Eustis FL 32726 USA
Tel 352 232-7284
Cell 407 302 6117

Thymox Surface Disinfectant Technical Sheet

Click here to view or to download this PDF file: Thymox General AG Technical Sheet