Laboratoire M2

Imagine a disinfectant made from natural, non-toxic, non-corrosive and biodegradable active ingredients that is just as effective on the farm and in food processing as it is in your home!

Laboratoire M2 is the lab which has developed this technology branded as THYMOX.

Laboratoire M2Laboratoire M2 is renowned for its innovations and expertise in disinfection and safety. It owns and operates a state-of-the-art level 2 containment microbiology laboratory. It has developed a thymol-based disinfectant-cleaner formulation which is available for private labeling to distributors for industrial, disaster restauration, institutional, medical, dental and household use.

Innovative disinfection products

Laboratoire M2 manufactures innovative disinfection products from its proprietary platform named THYMOX TECHNOLOGY. Laboratoire M2 is also working on expanding its line of THYMOX TECHNOLOGY products and applications.

Laboratoire M2's R&D team is specifically working on disinfectant wipes for household surfaces, new concentrated disinfectants for industrial and institutional markets, and on new solutions for hoof care.

Constant innovation in disinfecting applications

Laboratoire M2 ManufacturerAs a Canadian leader in biosafety, Laboratoire M2 is recognized for its innovative culture and technical expertise in regards to disinfection and health. Laboratoire M2 is always looking to adapt disinfectant formulations and protocols for specific needs. Laboratoire M2 is a trendsetter in research and development.

In order to ensure its exclusive ownership of the technology, Laboratoire M2 acquired the intellectual property rights to Thymox. The company holds Canadian and US and South-American patents on the product’s formulation and application, and has applied for patents in 40 other countries.

Strong scientific background to propel product development

Laboratoire M2's team is composed of internationally recognized experts in the field of disinfection, food safety and prevention of infections.

Expertise to help distributors during regulatory processes

Since 2003, Laboratoire M2 has been called upon to share its expertise with agricultural businesses as well as with governments, producers’ associations and research groups. Laboratoire M2 has also been involved in biosecurity research and development projects with various organizations.

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